"The S. Brothers Facilities Management is the leading body amongst facilities management services providers, representing excellence in the facilities management industry."


Innovations at S. Brothers go beyond the realm of operational excellence. Our focus on specific industry sectors gives us a deep understanding of customer needs and we repeatedly develop imaginative solutions to daily problems while addressing strategic needs.

We continually explore new ways to help our customers excel, focusing our quest for innovation on five key areas:

Safety – Introducing best operating practice that will help clients improve their safety performance resulting in fewer Lost Time Accidents.

Sustainability – Refining work practices to cut waste, increase recycling and recovery, reduce water consumption and procure sustainably.

Energy – Exploiting techniques such as waste heat recovery, fuel cells, combined heat and power (CHP) and renewable power to lessen gas and electricity usage and reduce the carbon footprint of client operations.

Workspace – Offering space utilisation consultancy services that draw on best practice to help clients optimise the use of space in work and leisure environments.

Productivity – Gaining employee commitment to pioneering solutions designed to achieve tangible productivity improvements.



    S.Brothers Facilities Management is an indian services company specialising in outsourced facility management. We provide hard and soft FM to some of the India largest corporations.

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    Expert delivery of 120 support services including repairs, maintenance, painting, cleaning, chair and carpet cleaning, waste management, environmental services, office boys...

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    All Repairs and Maintenance Service is handled by S. Brothers facilities management whether it is inside office premises or outside.

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    Each service is customised for each market. Sector specialization in Corporate, Public, Retail & Infrastructure.

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